segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan

Hoje, dia 28/12/10 é o dia do aniversário de 1 ano da morte do melhor baterista que já tive a oportunidade de ouvir tocar, Jimmy foi o baterista da banda Avenged Sevenfold, e é com muita dor que enfrentamos esse dia, e para honrar a memoria da pessoa especial que Jimmy foi, não iremos chorar (não muito) mas iremos sorrir, pois era assim que ele encarava a vida, sempre com um sorriso no rosto!
Jimmy, todos que tiveram a oportunidade de conhecer o seu trabalho te ama com todas as forças, descanse em paz, and I will see you in the afterlife!

Dear Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan,

You out to know that I never really believed in this “heaven and hell” thing, but who am I to say what it’s true and what isn’t, I know that if there is an afterlife you are the best person in there, you’re probably having some fun, right! You must be really busy learning how to be the knife master, and teaching people how to play the drums, so if you can hear me, where ever you are, there are something I would like to say.
Even though I never really met you, you changed my life in so many ways, you taught me how to make a party out of nothing, you taught me that without music life is meaningless, and that life is short and unpredictable, even though today we are feeling good and happy, tomorrow we may not be on earth anymore. You made me cry, I cried every time I heard “so far way” or when I watched all those videos that people who love you have made, but you also made me laugh! I laughed of you chasing a duck, or throwing beer on your on face, and that’s why I want you to know that I am really thankful for all you have done on earth, for your music and for the inspiration that you are to many people, I include myself on that.
Everyone who had the chance to see your smile, even if it was on a photo or see how funny and loving you were, even if it was on a video, those people love you with all their heart.

Love you, R.I.P,

Maiara Cristina de Mira

domingo, 26 de dezembro de 2010

The man of my dreams

How is the man of your dreams?
Is he tall with dark hair and blue eyes? is he blond with green eyes?
Those things never really mattered to me
The man of my dreams hasn’t change much in the past years
He was always more or less like this:
He would know how to play the guitar, and on those nights I was feeling blue he would play me a song, one that he did to me
He would know how to draw, and for some people his drawings wouldn’t make much sense, but for me it would be as clear as water
He would know how to speak English, other wise how would we make fun of peoples face with out then knowing?
He would love coffee, and we would spend the cold afternoons under the covers drink coffee and watching a movie
He would love to read and we would discuss about Stephen king’s last novel
He would have tattoos, but not just a tribal or a meaningless dragon, he would tattoo thing that really meant something to him
He would love dogs, movies, music, rainy days, and most important, he would love me, He would love me for who I am, not for who I can be, he would love me more than anything, he would love me for the rest of our lives.

Maiara Cristina de Mira